There’s no place
like home!


Because there are many kinds of places to live – some of them quite nice – but a place we can truly identify as home is truly hard to find: A place where we can be ourselves, feel safe, and where we want to return every night.

And that’s what we have prepared for you: a space to make your own, that feels like your own, that you want to share with those you love, and that adapts to your needs and way of life.

And all this in a unique setting, surrounded by nature, with a modern and safe construction, following the most demanding sustainability criteria, with all the comforts and best finishes.

For the last few months we’ve been working hard not to leave any details to chance, because we want you to feel like you’re home the moment you walk through the door.

Come discover it!


The town of Pal nearly touches the sky. Surrounded by a clean and revitalising air, it allows you to rise above the noise of the city and the haste of daily life.
Pal is one of the best-preserved Romanesque villages in Andorra. Since 1998 it has been part of a special plan for the protection of traditional architecture, which gives it an authentic and genuine feel.
Pal is a tiny village in the parish of La Massana -one of the seven parishes in the country- and is located on a fortress facing south, next to the river Pal at an altitude of 1,551 m. In 2021 it had a population of 249.
It is a very quiet residential village, because the highway doesn’t run through it but rather goes around it, providing extra quiet and safety.
It is the last village on the CG-4 (General Highway) before the Vallnord resort: a high-end winter ski resort, and a luxury destination in summer for mountain bike lovers.


Pal is a Romanesque village
quiet and safe, sunny
all day.


The Pal 1550 Village Resort has 14 plots, covering a total area of 17,181.38 m2.

The Pal 1550 Village Resort offers100 homes of various types and formats to suit all needs



  • Homes with 4-5 bedrooms and 4-5 bathrooms.
  • Variable surface area on the street-level floor of 200 m2.
  • Total gross floor area of the ground floor, first floor and top storey: of 330 m2.
  • Outdoor terrace area: 147 m2.
  • On the street-level floor there will be an entrance hall, a large car park lot for five to six vehicles, storage spaces and technical installations.



  • Homes with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.
  • Gross floor area varies:
  • Street-level floor area of about 140 m2.
  • Total gross floor area of the ground floor, first floor and top storey of 240 m2.
  • Outdoor terrace area: 87 m2.
  • At street level there will be an entrance hall, a car park for three to four vehicles, storage spaces and technical installations.



  • 1 to 5 bedroom homes.
  • Modern design.
  • Large windows with views and natural lighting.
  • All units have a south-facing terrace and views.
  • Car park and storage room for each home.

The development team of Pal 1550 Village Ressort is made up of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in projects and construction of all types of homes and equipment.

Execution is carried out by leading companies with proven experience and quality.

Crèdit Andorrà collaborates in financing the execution of the different units.

Contact us: +376 361 550